Martha House Facilities

We know the importance of having an engaging environment for our resident all too well. Be it a stroll in the garden, some physio, aqua-therapy or even some relaxing time in our aromatherapy rooms, we have a range of sensory and physically enriching facilities on hand at all times which we can tailor as required.

Sensory Rooms

We have two wonderful sensory rooms filled with engaging and entertaining stuimuli. These rooms can be used to either excite or relax the senses. Music, sound, lights reflections, textures and mixed media are all ingeniously merged into these spaces.

Physiotherapy Suite

The Physiotherapy suite is a very important area in the home as enables us to manage our residents' posture and mobility to allow them as much function and fun as possible and not to be confined to their wheelchairs all the time.

We also have a mechanical horse called 'Springer'!

Hydrotherapy Room

The Hydrotherapy room is used on a daily basis and is very popoluar with our residents. They can enjoy themselves and exercise in either in the pool or in the jacuzzi. The room also has music and lights to create a sensory environment.

Aromatherapy Room

The Aromatherapy room is used for massage, aromatherapy and facial treatments. All these are very popular with our residents.

Extensive Gardens 

The gardens surrounding the home are a wonderful feature and are landscaped to be able to be used by all the residents. They have raised beds and special areas for sensory stimulation. Residents, their families and carers are able to sit and relax in very peaceful surroundings.