Reports to: Manager/Nurse in Charge

Responsible to: Clinical Administrator

Main purpose of role: To be part of a team caring for residents dietary and nutritional needs


To provide varied, balanced and nutritious meals for all residents and visiting relatives, using fresh and seasonal products when possible.

Main responsibilities

  • Prepare and serve meals in accordance with Health, Safety and Hygiene legislation.

  • Provide varied, balanced and nutritious meals for all residents, using fresh and seasonal products when possible.

  • Provide specific diets as required by individual residents.

  • Take into account residents’ individual likes, dislikes and food allergies.

  • Have a clear understanding of the needs of people with swallowing problems.

  • Gain a clear understanding of food texture and consistency.

  • Ensure that staff follow Health, Safety and Hygiene legislation when in the kitchen.

  • Ensure meals are attractive in their appearance and have the appropriate texture.

  • Provide special meals as required, e.g. Birthdays, Christmas etc.

  • Order provisions for all meals, rotating stock weekly.

  • Ensure that all kitchen areas are kept clean and appropriately organised as per the cleaning rota.

  • Rotate the menu on a four weekly basis.

  • Record fridge and freezer temperatures twice daily.

  • Treat all residents, visitors and volunteers with respect and dignity

General functions

Undertake any other reasonable duties as requested by The Management Team, or Nurse in Charge.

This job description may be subject to review and change by agreement with the post holder according to the needs of the service.

Martha Trust operates a no smoking policy in all buildings, work areas, vehicles, and when on duty but working away from Martha Trust. Martha Trust operates a policy banning the use of mobile phones whilst on duty other than in an emergency.

The post holder will be required to comply with regulations relating to Health and Safety at Work and the Data Protection Act. The post holder will be required to comply with all policies and procedures issued by and on behalf of Martha Trust Hereford Limited.

All post holders will be required to hold a Certificate in Food Handling and Hygiene - training will be provided to obtain this certificate.